Sunday, 29 September 2013

Going Insane for the day!

By day I own and run a landscaping business, is a tough and physically demanding occupation. So it's a good idea to live a healthy lifestyle and keep myself fit even away from work and if I can have a bit of fun in the process it’s a real win, win.

I train regularly by cross country running with my dog and doing bar calisthenics and other body weigh exercise. Occasionally I take part in regular road running races but I really love obstacle races where all over body condition  and fitness is tested.

So on Sunday  29th September 2013 I took part in the Go Insane mud run and obstacle course at Doddington near Cambridge. 

The course is based around the Moto X track with a few extra challenging obstacles created just for the day.

Of course I am used to a bit of mud in my business, but this was taking it to extremes. The course involved jumping into and wading and swimming through multiple filthy, stinking stagnant and boggy water hazards, crawling through tunnels, nets and ditches and several climbs.

What a truly great day out it was, a fantastic way to test my fitness and have an incredible amount of fun. The day ended wet, muddy and smelly, just like a normal day in the office.

I completed the 10km course in 55mins 40secs. 

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